Hareto-Keto Raw Chocolate

What is HaretoKeto?


In Japan “Hare - To - Ke” is a traditional way of viewing one's life. Where “Hare” means an extraordinary activity or event, for example a festival or a ceremony. Whereas “Ke” means ordinary daily life. “Hare - To - Ke” together represents a balanced life, where we can enjoy both the extraordinary and ordinary in harmony. I make my chocolate to balance our lives, hoping to change some of our “Ke” to “Hare” each time we eat it.



Rie Yoshida

日本ロースイーツウェルネス協会 代表理事


Japan Raw Sweets Wellness Association

Nurse, Raw food teacher, Yoga instructor, Reiki healer

Our History

ハレトケトは2018年10月、びわ湖に面した歴史の街・彦根の城下町にオープンしました。10年近く続けていた看護師という仕事を通して、オーナー吉田りえが感じていた健康や食の大切さや、生きているということの無限の可能性を、多くの人々と共有するために始めたお店です。りえが始めてローチョコレートと出会ったのは2013年6月、京都のローチョコレート専門店にて教室を受講した時でした。ローチョコレートを頬張った時の心の充足感に驚き、たった一欠片のローチョコレートに夢中になりました。独学でローチョコレートを作り続けながら、根本であるヴィーガンやナチュラルハイジーンや酵素栄養学・自然と人の在り方などを学び、国内外のロースイーツやヴィーガンカフェなどを訪れました。2017年夏、皆既日食を見るため北米大陸を旅行。旅の途中でカナダのお母さんからもらった”life is beautiful”という言葉に感銘を受けました。オレゴン州の荒野でカカオセレモニーを体験し、ハートが開いた(と感じた)のは、まさにカカオと自然が織り成したamazingな体験でした。心のときめきとシェアすることの大切さを胸に、帰国後、ローフードマイスターとして認定校を開校。バリ島にて恋をして移住を試みますが、大失恋した結果、何か日本で生きた証を残したいなと、日本ではまだまだマイナーなローチョコレートとローフードのカフェをOPENすることにしました。様々な人との巡り会わせを経て、現在は滋賀県彦根市の指定文化財である足軽組屋敷にて、日々ローチョコレートを作り続けています。彦根という片田舎の街並みは、残念ながら徐々に新しい今風の建物たちに取って変わりつつあります。素晴らしい歴史や文化を残すことは、私たちにとって大切なことだと考えます。日本の古き良きものとローチョコレートという新たな健康食を掛け合わせ、日本の良いものを国内外に伝えていきたいと奮闘しております。

In October 2018, Hareto-Keto opened its doors in the historic town of Hikone, near the banks of Lake Biwa. The founder, Rie Yoshida, is a medical nurse who had spent many years discovering firsthand that our choices in lifestyle and diet play an important role in our health and well-being. Rie's first experience with raw food occurred at a chocolate-making demonstration in Kyoto. What she described as an instant love-affair with pure cacao became Rie's lifelong passion in and new career path. In its humble beginnings, Hareto-Keto spawned from a medical nurse's thirst for knowledge and experience in all things sweet and chocolaty. The more Rie learned of the health benefits and flavorful possibilities of raw and vegan foods, the deeper her love affair for them grew. Within a few years, Rie found herself traveling the world to discover new knowledge, techniques and experiences relating to raw chocolate. By the time she reached Canada in 2017, Rie's virtually-non-existent personal philosophy had grown to encompass the phrase "life is beautiful". Since that time, Rie's goal and challenge has become to share this philosophy of positivity and grace with everyone through her chosen method: sweets and workshops relating to health and well-being.















Raw Food




We feel that the science and philosophy of raw food goes hand-in-hand with our small-batch cacao products. For that reason, it's important to understand what "raw foodism" really is about. Raw food is the dietary practice of eating only raw (or mostly-raw) vegetables, fruits, nuts and other ingredients. One of the main features of raw food is that no foods should be heated beyond 48 °C so as to preserve their naturally occurring enzymes. Raw foods also cannot not contain animal products (and are therefore automatically considered vegan). In the West as well as in Japan, more and more people are discovering the positive benefits of the raw/vegan lifestyle. In recent times, plant-based diets have showed promising results and the number of legitimate scientific papers on the topic has grown exponentially along with the media attention of celebrities who chose to convert to raw/vegan diets. For more information, do take a look at our 'what is raw food' post, as well as our 'what is veganism' and 'what is raw chocolate' posts.





Cacao, a chocolate ingredient, has been called “the food of the gods” to cure illness since ancient times because of its high nutritional value. Cacao contains components that are good not only for the body but also for the mind. It has been shown to relieve stress and provide happiness and improve memory and concentration. It is said to open the heart chakra. We use precious Alibaba cacao from Ecuador. A safe, secure and ethical cacao made in Japan by direct trade with a farm that has been certified by the organic certification (JAS / USDA).

Every day, countless chocolates are brought to people's mouths, making people smile. However, there are many sad realities before cacao becomes chocolate, such as child labor, unfair environment and wage labor, and the unclearness of food safety caused by it. As the word “voting for shopping” suggests, we are aiming to make such chocolate that not only the eater but also the producer can smile.



Raw Chocolate




Ordinary chocolate is roasted from cocoa beans, but we use raw cocoa beans and cook it at low temperature for health reasons. Raw chocolate, such as vitamins, minerals, phytochemicals, and enzymes, is a sweet-like candy filled with nutrients. As a next-generation health food, it is attracting attention mainly from overseas celebrities. Our shop offers energy sweets using organic ingredients, various super foods, Japanese health foods and local ingredients.

Raw Cake

ローケーキの材料は、主にカシューナッツや自家製アーモンドミルクとココナッツオイル。そして天然の甘味です。whole foods(一物全体)の考え方を基本として作る、酵素の生きたヘルシーお菓子です。ローケーキは焼いて膨らませるわけではなく、ナッツのクリームをココナッツオイルで冷やし固める、ムースのような滑らかな新食感ケーキです。心と体が満ち足りる、不思議なお菓子。足りない栄養素をおやつで補う、という発想。



Raw cake ingredients are mainly cashews, homemade almond milk and coconut oil. And natural sweetness. Enzyme-based healthy candy made based on the whole foods concept. Raw cake is not baked and inflated, it is a mousse-like smooth new texture cake that cools and hardens nut cream with coconut oil. A mysterious cake that will satisfy your heart and body. The idea of supplementing the missing nutrients with a snack.

We can also accept custom whole cake orders and sweets for gifts.


We are passionate about two things: yummy food and good health.

Our secret formula is no secret: we make better, healthier foods by using raw, natural ingredients the way Mother Nature intended them. From cacao beans to raw sugars and organic flavors -- we love our products and we are sure that you will, too.

If you feel like yummy food and good health are for you then join us in our quest for better living! Visit us at our organic cafe in Lake Biwa, Hikone, at one of our events in Japan or try our mail-order edibles -- no special occassion needed.




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We offer lots of things! You can try our chocolates, cakes and other goodies. And what about joining us for a live or virtual cooking class? If you are in Shiga, come see our displays at one of our public events like festivals and farmer's markets. We are also happy to hear from you via email or social media, even if you just want to say hello.



Every so often, you can find us at a festival, farmer's market or just a good ol' fashioned house party.



Want to learn about raw living and cooking? There will be regularly scheduled workshops, courses (both live and virtual) and talks about all things raw.


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