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Raw Chocolate &
Detox Cafe

Haletoket Low Chocolate & Detox Cafe

Currently, it is only open for take-out by reservation!

We are open for Take-Out Only!


Cafes are not available at this time.

You can take almost any product with you by pre-booking.

Due to the consideration of the environment, we would appreciate it if you could bring a container such as a tupperware or tumbler.

Take-out menu

Gift products such as chocolate


If you come to the store by car, it is also possible to bring the product to the car.


Our chocolate shop is open for take-out orders only

To go available at any time with advance notice.

Please bring your container or cups to go of raw chocolate, raw cakes, raw snacks and drinks for ecology, ifpossible.


To go menu

Chocolate gift menu


If you come here by a car, we may be able to bring your orders to your car.

Feel free to ask any requests.






We are open for Take-Out Only!

Open Every Sunday and Saturday 10am to 5pm

Brunc 10 to 11am

Second and fourth Thursday 1pm to 5pm

The business day may be changed.

Check the news category of blog to get the details.

Takeaway may be available other than the business hours.

Let us know when you want to come here!


Our store is located in the former ashigaro residence group of Hikone Castle Town.

Because it is in a residential area, it is hard to find a shop.

Please click on "Location" to find directions to the shop.


2-6-54 Seribashi, Hikone City, Shiga, Japan

(No parking. Please see below for more details)


Our vegan cafe is located at samurai-village in Hikone castle.

Currently it is a residential area, so it's maybe lii bit hard to find our detox cafe.

Click the title to get the info.


Parking Lot

We don't have our own parking lot.

There are pay-to-park lots in the area.

If you need parking, ask us and we can recommend the cheapest one.


There is no private parking.

There is a lot of charge parking nearby.

The nearest place is The No. 2 Parking Lot in Shibancho Square, No. 1 Parking Lot in Shibancho Square, And Hiwado Hikone Ginza Store.

There is a free service ticket for one hour for shopping in Shibancho Square and Heiwado.(Because our store is not affiliated, it is excluded.))

The Times Hikone Center parking is less than 10 minutes' walk away and is available for 200 yen during the day, making it the cheapest in the neighborhood!


We have only four tables, it may be full.

If you know your exact time of arrival, we welcome you to make a reservation by contacting us.

But please note that if you arrive more than 5 minutes late, and there are walk-in customers waiting, we reserve the right to offer your table to another party.
We also also recommend that you reserve take-out orders in advance – especially items that require extra time to package (such as gift boxes, etc.).
All items can be purchased online with the option to pay at our cafe.